Raqueta Volkl C10 EVO 310g

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The C10 EVO shares the C10 name, heritage and frame design with its older brother. Now the legendary thin beam player’s frame comes in a lighter version which can be used as-is or customized to fit virtually any player’s needs. C10
Evo offers well-balanced feel with a soft flex for players who have yearned for the
ultimate player frame....only lighter.

The C10 EVO features the Twin Absorber handle system and weighs 310g /
10.9oz, has a 630cm2 / 98in2 head, 19mm beam with a 68.5cm / 27in length and
a 32.5cm / 0.7 in. head light balance. It has a 16x19 string pattern.

C10 EVO is a very fast racquet through the air. Its maneuverability makes it a
great racquet for virtually any advanced player. Put a fast, light racquet with the
control of a C10 in a player’s hand and watch the amazing shots which follow.
But, not only is C10 EVO fast, but it’s stable, too, so heavy spin off hard hit balls
is not only possible, but easily accomplished. Knocking off volley winners becomes the norm. C10 EVO is a racquet which belongs in the hands of winning